Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my old place

I've been thinking lately about some thing that is very disappointing about Earth (not that I don't enjoy living here). I find our desire to find magic in anything has ceased to exist. I would very much like to find a hidden wood where no greed has ever wondered into, where the animals still talk, and good beats evil under every circumstance. I still pretend that those places exist. I go into forests all the time pretending I'm still the leader of the centaurs. I cast spells and make swords and spears out of branches, but they aren't like the ones my army used to make me. I used to make crowns to put on my head and I was a prince that fought in the name of a good empress. I was blessed with the best land and a beautiful princess. I created creatures in school and then when school was over I fought them (or befriended them). The land full and I loved it there. I went everyday to be with my friends, the trees, the centaurs, and the animals. I was the protector until the day I couldn't protect any longer. I watched as the trees stopped talking to me and the bulldozers and tractors slowing took enormous chunks out of the best land that was given to me. My land got smaller and smaller until war was finally upon us. I watched as my centaurs fought so bravely to keep them away and lost their lives. All the creatures I had created, all the friends I had invented, and all the things I protected from unstoppable nightmares they all looked at me. I could hear what they were saying though they did not speak, "Come on prince, one last time cast them out of your land, stop them, save us all like you did all the other times." But I could do nothing but watch as the machines killed them, taking all their land and leaving the survivors to starve. I can't go back there. I was their prince, their protector, and their life; I stood by and watched them all perish because there was nothing I could do. I miss them all greatly. I wish I could write a book about all those things I did, but my life doesn't really allow me to stay focused on one subject for too long. Maybe one day when my life is less crazy I'll be able to record everything that I experienced as a prince of a land forgotten. Maybe.