Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I haven't written a poem is so long and I didn't even feel the need too either, but the other day I was talking with one of my friends. He/she(using this to keep this person's identity hidden because they released very personal information to me) began to talk to me about God and how they did not feel His presence in their life anymore. Her/his sense of abandonment made me so sad and I tried to comfort them but there is only so much that you can say to someone who is in this possition. They have been put through alot and I don't blame them for any of the things they said. Sooo I wrote this poem from their point of view, they don't read my blog so I don't think they will mind. Yeah, I just wanted to clarify this isn't a personal poem but more me writing as another character in my life.


Once You were something to me
talked about and praised by my family,
now I think You're there
but You're not nearly as close
as I thought You would be,
God don't leave, God don't leave,
God I wanna believe that You're here
Are You in me? Are You in me?
People try to preach,
but they don't look at me the way they teach,
God is it me? God is it me?
God can it be that You love all but me,
I believe You made something
I just don't know if You and I were meant to be
God I believe? God I believe?
but I just don't see,
God won't you speak? God won't you speak?
so that I know that You are here with me
be with me, and let me see
God so much damage has been put to me
help me, fix me, and make me something You'd like
why don't You believe in me, a child with a bloody sleeve?
God do You love me? Will You love me?
because I know I'm not complete,
God will You fix me?
complete me, come down and complete me

thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions to what I should say to this person let me know, its really hard to talk to them so any advice would be awesome.

Friday, February 15, 2008

my new (townie) life

I have not posted a blog in sooooo long and I think enough has happened in my life to blog about. I haven't openly admitted it to everyone that it really effects, my friends in the dallas area, but I have moved back to Burnet and I am going to ACC for the remainder of the school year. I drive every morning to school and enjoy the sunrise on my "long" drive to educate myself. I'm taking 15 hours this semester which is alot better than my 19 I took at UNT, however I accidentally signed up for General Chemistry(the class after intro) instead of Intro to Chem. and am struggling in understanding what exactly is going on, but I was too proud to drop the class and I am now stuck in it but it will get better I am sure. I am transfering to Concordia in the Fall 08 or I at least plan to, I might do more at ACC just because transfering is not really easy to do or to keep track of.
I have found a new love for the two taco deal at Jack in the Box, the meat in them is orange and surprisingly tasty...and they are 99 cents for two.
I have made new friends with all the members of a band called Arch Bishop, who currently reside in Brady, TX. I don't know how I get along with them but I do they remind me of my friends to some extent and its interesting to me to see them interact with each other.
I spend about 20% of my day in a land called Keygla(I named it) where I am a mere prince who shares land with a princess(Katie) and we bow to a king(Jacob) and all three of us bow to a empress(Alisha) and her newly acquired emperor(Saw or Samer).
I am still playing harmonica and got a keyboard for Christmas and I have been playing both very frequently.
I got poison ivy really bad on my face the other day when I was in Austin because I ran into some woods I was certain had a dead body inside body...just poison ivy.
I went bike riding for the first time in a long time and it felt so good with this nice weather in Febuarary.
Also I was in a pretty major car wreck with Katie while she was driving and we spun off the road and into a barbed wire fence, both of us walked out of it alive and scratch free (her car however was not so futunate), God had definatly blessed us.

Oh I found out today that Ben is going to the Opera or Ballet (I don't remember exactly) but I assumed he was taking emily, his girlfriend, because it is Valentine's weekend and all....NO he is taking Jeff W.....totally did not see that one coming.

that is all I can really say....I'm a townie but only because I want to be!