Thursday, October 30, 2008


Things have been bugging me lately, I'm constantly put in situations with people who group themselves into statistics, trends, and mediocrity. Its this blending in, hiding who you are, and hating what you could be, that is driving me insane. We all fall into trends (I'm definatly not an exception) but between going to school and work I am flooded with look-a-likes. We put on masks to hide what we are, we live through our stories and friends instead of our futures, we are proud to not know anything about ourselves. We are content with grouping ourselves into these neat packages that are easy to explain. We make rules about our personality, our emotions, and our thoughts. I believe humans are deeper than what we show other people. I think we are deeper than just cells, tissue, and carbon blueprints. We are deeper than science. We are more unique than we all like to believe. Our skin is a permanent Halloween costume. I'm not writing this to change the path of society (this is a free blog posting competing with the advertising industry that spends three billion dollars on ads a me I'm not trying to win this battle). I just wish everyone was proud of everything that makes them different. "if only you were camoflage, you could return back to the trees, but you and I both know you could never leave the city."- Fear Before

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