Sunday, October 25, 2009

heart spring cleaning

Maybe its me.
I don't write like I used to.
I read still.
I want to dance all the time still.
I don't feel different.
When did I get kicked to the curb?
Where did these new friends come from?
What happened to all those plans we made?
I still feel the memories.
I still see you the way you were, but that isn't you anymore.
Somewhere along the way you lost yourself.
We lost each other.
Do you remember?
Is this the way it goes?
When I said, "brother" I meant forever, but forever is impossible.
Who's fault is this?
I want to blame you, but it was me too.
It was me, who let you down.

I guess my heart became cluttered. I had to make room for new brothers and sisters.
How could I do it? The heart beats for what it needs.