Thursday, March 20, 2008

so turns out its not cool

Ben, Korey, Cory, Kenan, Abe, and I were all in Austin enjoying a boys night out, just eating CiCi's and chit chatting about girlfriends and the Matrix. Ben just recently turned 18 and explained that he still hasn't bought porn(neither have I and I'm almost 19, I haven't even bought a lottery ticket yet) but Ben says it is a must. So I agree with everyone that it will be a great experience for all of us being 18 to go into a porn shop we do. IT WAS NOT COOL! half the stuff made me want to throw up, the other half was weird and just made me feel really disgusting for looking at I went in thinking I was going to buy porn with Ben and it was gunna be a great bond between us....I left empty handed and never looking at Ben the same for buying "DEBBIE DOES DALLAS...again"(its the sequel so it must be good). but something good did come out of the trip I learned that if you ever wanna find the weirdest people in the whole world, go to a porn megaplex. I saw so many private parts that I have become numb to the female and male anatomy, my whole teenage sexual drive has completely vanished forever, I have the hormones of a 99 year old man(who has been married for 80 and had a visectomy).
Hopefully I will get in a car wreck going to school today and it will give me abnesia and I can forget what I witnessed.
...just thought about it, Ben said we were gunna watch "debbie does dallas...again" together but he home alone with it....yikes.

stay breezy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


well Tuesday was the day for the voting primary(I'm not exactly sure why it is called that or if I used it correctly) and I voted for the first time in my life. I woke up early drove over to the volunteer fire department and did some voting. I voted on the democratic side (I'm not a democrat or a republican) and I voted for Obama. He seemed like a nice guy on TV and he is better than Hillary (mostly because she reminds me of the witch on snow white and she talks like her too).
In speech class on tuesday we split into our small groups (I am actually becoming very comfortable with these people since we spend a hour and a half together) and everyone was speaking of the primary and no one had voted yet except for me and they asked me who I voted for and I told them Obama...I recieved a gasp, a "NO WAY", a "why?", another "WHY!!!?, and glare and "ugh" combined. Not knowing that all the people in my group are either republican or "anti-Obama". I told them he seemed like a nice guy and he had some really good points that I liked. Then two of the girls in my group proceeded to tell me how Obama was from the Middle East and they believed he was a part of Alkida(spelling?) then another girl said he was the anti-Christ and was going to kill everyone. I then told them that Obama is not from the Middle East his father is Muslim and his mother is Christian (don't ask me exactly how they get along) his name sounds Middle Eastern but it is just a Muslim name. Obama was born in America and he is African-American not middle eastern.
Then the "Obama is the anti-Christ" girl told me that in the Bible it says "the anti-Christ will rise from the Middle east" (I have no idea what Bible she is reading but we obviously don't have the same version)...I then told her "no, I think your thinking of a different quote, (i happened to have my bible in my back pack) Revelation 13 says 'the beast will rise from the sea" so that ended our discussion everyone wasn't mad just wanted to press their opinions upon each other. but here is the real reason i thought this was so funny (I didn't want to say this to them because I wanted to win the arguement)
Well again Rev. 13 says "the beast will rise out of the sea" and Obama was born in Hawaii...made me laugh on the inside. So Obama could be "the beast" if he grows 10 horns seven heads with 10 crowns on his horns....if that happens I voted for the wrong guy.

p.s. I think Mitch should run for president when he turns 35.