Sunday, February 22, 2009

not now, not never

one day they will find us
and they will eat us,
I will wear a suit, and you will be called to jury duty

one day they will catch us
and they will join us,
I will go to work, and you will watch law and order

one day they will trap us
and swallow us whole,
I will have bills, and you will be wed

one day they will grab us
and take us away,
I will read the paper, and you will pull an all-nighter

one day they will call us
and we will come to them,
but that day is not today, so we run, like children


We live fast.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A summer of questions.

I feel blindsided by the way my relationships from two years ago have turned out. I thought none of them would change and when we saw one another again it would be like we never left. I thought my name would be remembered in my tiny high school and I would always have friends that woke up for its attendance. My name is now whispered by my mother and my brother. My friends are in college and have forgotten about what used to be. I see them change only in profile pictures. I see their interests only in Times New Roman. I feel our names are no longer connected. We have all turned to whispers even to ourselves. I have lost one friend completely to drugs and binge drinking. I have lost others because of distance. What does the future hold for them and me?
Have I changed? Have they lost me?