Monday, August 17, 2009

Snow Miser

I'll remember the way we were
but that is all over old friend
there must be a counterweight
to all that we have done
just like the summer and winter are one
don't worry you will stay in my heart
and while the trees sleep
you too will hide in the roots
until we come back to stretch our limbs
and let the leaves turn green again
we wear friends on our chests
but where do they go when we have to go?
you will be my brother
even in the gates of Hell
they can never take this time
in the Texas sun away from us

It might have seemed pointless
but our time together was never wasted.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

book of faces

The kid on facebook.
Today, I was exploring the depths of facebook and I found this kid who has been my friend for quite a long time on the book of face. He lives in Burnet and for the sake that this might be offensive to him; he will remained unnamed. Anyway, I saw on my little update thing he had posted a note with a very morbid title. So, I investigated this note and, not to my surprise, it was a large paragraph about how after we die we will never be remembered. His logic was that only a select few will be remembered throughout the ages and the rest of us will die and the world will keep spinning which is true. (unless "2012 world" happens then I'm the fool) Now when I first read this little note I thought he meant "remembered" in the sense of the Nordic belief that the only way we live after we leave this earth is by our name surviving. Not true. I believe he just realized how small of an impact people really have on the world and he is trying to make peace with that, or maybe he just wanted to impress fellow facebookers with his ability to use uncommon words, large words, and his capacity for deep scholarly thought. He, however, did not convince me of anything except how deeply self-centered he is. His note was ridiculously narcissistic, as if the world was committing a crime by continuing once he left it. He even wrote as if he were appalled at the very fact that his note would be forgotten in the future. This has absolutely no lesson to it nor will I continue into some spin off about my beliefs. just kidding there is a lesson- Don't be an idiot.