Sunday, April 13, 2008

summa tYme!

I'm pretty excited for the summer to get here and today as I was driving home from "work"(Home Depot) I was thinking about all the things I'm really stoked about doing which includes (but is not limited too):
1. Going to Enchanted Rock with Jacob, Alisha, and Katie.
2.Seeing the Cabaret and spending time with some of the nicest/dumbest/coolest guys in the world.
3.Making friends with Richie (my future room-mate, he is already my friend but I want him to be my bro) and I'm gunna try to make friends with these two brothers (Irv and Elvis, they are just two huge guys and all they do is wreck the pit at the Cabaret shows) I'm kinda afraid to talk to them but once I make friends with them I could pick a fight with anyone and they would help lay the SmackDown on them.
4. Being done with school until the is great and way more fun but I still would like to have a 3 month break.
5. I'm excited about living with Korey, Andrew, and Richie.
6.I'm ready to get out on the lake and slay some noobs on the tubes, I've taken out everyone this year except for Ben ButtCrack Johnson...he is the only one I have never defeated.
7. I'm ready to see my sunflowers grow. I planted some in this little patch in my yard. I planted 6 kinds of seeds: Moonwalker Sunflowers(the petals are white), Mexican Sunflowers(petals are red and yellow), Mammoth Sunflowers (they grow 12 feet tall...i'm really excited), Aztec Gold Sunflowers(the kind you eat), Fuzzy Face Sunflowers(they don't have the little brown disk in them the whole front is this fuzzy yellow stuff and they look so funny), and Full Sun Sunflowers(they have tiny petals and big brown disk).
8.I'm ready for Seek Week its gunna be legit.
9.Having Kenan out of my life because he is in Okalahoma Aviation School...He is gunna be a pilot. I'm just joking I really miss him.

thats all I can think of off the top of my head

Things I'm not excited for about summer:
1.being 19
2.having onions sneaked into my food at fast food places
3.not seeing jordan, cuz he has a girlfriend and he is going to dissappear again I just know it.
4.Having Korey call me everyday just to talk.

Korey has gotten a job at Home Depot as well and since we both like "the office" very much, we both have been making attempts to make Home Depot like that and it has kept us pretty entertained. I steal Korey's things and then act like they are mine, and I'm going to hide his apron in the break room lockers one day and make him play deal or no deal until he picks the right locker (there are 150 lockers). I'm pretty excited summer should be good.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

some new things...what I'm all about these days

WELL I got a job at Home Depot, I'm a cashier, and I haven't gone yet but on monday I will and I'm pretty excited.
Phil works there and Korey and I both applied the same days (unintentionally which makes it pretty cool) and we got hired the same day for the same job...we both start on monday. I'm getting paid $8.50 an hour so it should be pretty cool.

Every time I Die is one of my new favorite bands...and if anyone could find the meaning in these lyrics I would greatly appreciate it "the best lovers were murderers first" like 56 people have those lyrics as a tattoo and i wanna know what it means.

I got a girlfriend...its pretty cool so far.

I'm starting to think my friend Ben is a professional assassin, WE asked him if he would like to hang out this weekend and he says "NO, I'm going to New York for the weekend"
josh- "why ben?"
ben- "because I have things to do"
I think "things" means he has to kill somebody for some money. That would also explain how he doesn't work and yet he always has more money than anyone else in the world.

Another really great thing that I am all about these days is I really enjoy calling Ben by stupid names like: Ben Beef Jerky Johnson, and Ben Butt Crack Johnson (say it out loud it rolls right off your tongue and its so funny)

I recently watched WRESTLEMANIA with korey and jordan (it cost $60) and I'm pretty sure watching it made me drop like 10 IQ points.

My cell phone battery is the worst in the world and I charge my phone about twice a day; luckily it takes about 20 minutes for my phone to charge completely.

Alishia is the only girl to braid my hair...and the only one capable of doing it, others have attempted but she is the master of da braid.

Saw the movie Jumper, it was really good but it also pissed me off because the whole time I watched it I just wanted to be able to do that...and have Samuel L. Jackson try and kill me, that would be so cool.

Totino's Pizza is the best.

Thats all I can really think of...thanks for reading