Monday, July 21, 2008

we all need friends

A friend, that is what you need,
someone who listens, sheds skin,
anyone who is there to be there
not somebody ready to recieve,
but somebody like a pool of water
that you can indulge in,
water doesn't talk back, it listens,
like a friend,

you need someone you can jump into
for shelter, to cool down, to listn to you,
a pool of water to ripple, splash, dive,
to keep you afloat, to make you light, and boyant
you need a pool of water
not to drink but to listen,
to cover you in liquid,
shower you and cleanse you,
to befriend you,

you need a friend like a pool of water

(not directed at anyone just think that everyone could use a friend like this)

1 comment:

Sara Triana said...

oh man, josh! that is such a great qualification for being a friend! lovely poetry.